For Alpina Italiana, environmental sustainability is not a peripheral element of the company’s management, but a pillar on which to plan for the future.

Alpina Italiana has already adopted tools to achieve complete sustainable mobility.

A first change on the road to sustainability is the digitization of the company, which, thanks to the collection and processing of data, makes it possible to optimize journeys, guaranteeing efficient and rapid travel.

All vehicle routes are processed by constantly updated software that allows the fastest route to be chosen at any time, thus reducing empty runs to a minimum.

Moreover, Alpina Italiana has always offered its customers groupage and intermodality services, using a modern fleet of Euro 6 vehicles, the most efficient and effective tool to date for reducing CO2 emissions.

All tractors in our fleet are equipped with engines that can run on the new HVO biodiesel fuel. Hydrotreated vegetable oil is an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel because it is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils and waste products in a process that uses hydrogen instead of methanol.

One of the next goals is to increase the use of intermodal transportation by rail and sea to ensure that customers receive their goods quickly and with less negative impact on the environment.The adoption of a low environmental impact mobility system is considered a priority for the improvement of the quality of life and the safeguarding of the planet, and for this reason sustainability will be the key to the future development of Alpina Italiana.